Dear Friends of NAMI INDIA,

Fathers day is just around the corner. While odes have been written on Mothers the fathers are often the forgotten species. On this day, I would like to remember my father who was a key cornerstone of my recovery into happiness.

Being of an intellectual bent of mind and compassion personified, my Father thought he may never see me alive. He thought that he may receive a phone call of my death. Considering this is not unusual, only his prayers and love kept me afloat.

Fathers can be great parents. Contrary to the disciplinarian parenting style of hard love, my father believed in the non violent, discussion based parenting and it worked. We never did need the feeling to rebel actually. Being a Father, transparency, honesty and leading by example are key virtues to have.

Fathers often have the responsibility of being the main breadwinners. They have to undergo the stress and strain which it entails. The difficulties outside the home, the office politics, the disappointments in business of an order lost etc.

Many fathers do not allow their children to be affected by these stresses and strains and they need to be honoured for this. So here is wishing all Fathers who loved their children and spent a major part of their lives being a strong parent.

Happy Fathers Day to all from NAMI INDIA.

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash