How often do you say this is my last cigarette? Only to reach out for another one? There is stress all around. That cigarette helps but only temporarily. My Uncle used to tell us a joke. “I have stopped smoking! Between two cigarettes!“, and we used to have a hearty laugh over that. Actually, it’s not a laughing matter.

The tobacco industry is a money-spinner for the capitalist owners and revenue-generating for the Government. The argument about employability does not hold good. Banning can be difficult because human beings want freedom of choice. We think we are rational beings. But are we really rational? Knowing smoking causes cancer does not stop us from trying it as well as being addicted to it. And then we become tobacco-dependent.

In India, chewing tobacco is a tradition in many communities especially those with long hours of work. Tobacco is chewed by many auto and taxi drivers. They couldn’t function for long hours without it. Young children also chew tobacco as a substitute for food. Tobacco kills hunger.

mCessation Programme – QUIT TOBACCO FOR LIFE
Give a missed call on 011-22901701

The Government of India has a Tobacco Cessation Program and we suggest that you register for it and try to give up smoking. Make this your 2020 Lockdown resolution and best of luck.

Cheers from Team NAMI INDIA