Of late there have been a lot of discussions around Mental Illness and the symptoms and how we can actually diagnose someone who has it. Many of these symptoms are similar to what we feel on a daily basis. Only that when they are more frequently occurring and they are making someone unable to cope with the daily tasks and requirements of life.

Let us discuss some of these negative symptoms. Mental Illness is isolating. The symptoms of mental illness make it harder to get connected with other people and relationships break down.

The most frequent symptoms are not being happy, not enjoying things, not feeling good, and not feeling pleasure. One lacks the energy to go anywhere, for a walk, in the garden, visiting people, parties. It will also show that the person is unconsciously getting isolated by not responding to friends, family and then they give up and leave him alone.

A very typical symptom is not combing hair, not getting dressed, not taking baths, not brushing teeth. The person may not get out of bed for days. The stop doing chores like laundry, cooking, etc and they have lost all motivation in life.

Persons afflicted by mental illness are in their own world and they may not be listening to what the other person is saying. They may also misunderstand and get into frequent arguments with strangers.

Many people think all these negative symptoms are a sign of laziness. But this is not so. The problem is that the person looks physically alright and they are not doing anything except watch TV all day, play computer games or be in social media. This is actually a form of escapism. So if one understands then the person has to be taken to a doctor early on the identify triggers and start treatments.