This Teacher’s Day makes me look back at teachers who made us or broke us. About four decades ago
the view was Spare the Rod and Spoil the child. It was common to beat children for mistakes. The hand
had to be outstretched and the ruler would hit hard. Over time psychologists and behavioral scientists
opined that this is not a good alternative. This causes deep mental scars. Violence is not a way to learn

Changing understanding in education, initiated the rule that Corporal punishment will not be used in
schools. A teacher, is a guide, a friend, a philosopher. Millions of Teachers passed on knowledge and
enlightenment through the ages and now with the Covid-19 pandemic, the teachers have again connected
with students online. We are thankful to these educationists for keeping young minds occupied and not
letting them go astray. Students have teachers to thank for in these times. The current generation of
teachers in India are motivated and committed, in spite of not being paid well like other professions.
The future generations are being groomed by them.

We have successfully addressed issues of withdrawal in the classroom, as well as aggression. Conflict
Resolution and non-violence to achieve a culture of Non Violence is what makes today’s Teacher Unique.
This creates a transformation in the students. Through the power of Love and compassion, so many
unknown and unheard of teachers have changed lives. To them is this salute—

Cheers from TEAM NAMI INDIA!